James talking about Daniela, Salome and dancing in interview :)

  • Journalist : How important for your career is your wife Daniela?
  • James : Very important. From the time when I met her, seven years ago, she has always been with me. When I play bad, she talks to me. My daughter is also a big plus for me.
  • Journalist : Which one (mother or wife) warns you more when you don`t present yourself well on the pitch?
  • James : Daniela :) because she always knows best when played well or badly.
  • Journalist : Have you alredy showed your daughter, Salome, how to dance Ras Tas Tas?
  • She is fourteen months and she is very good at it (laughs).
  • Journalist : Where did you learn to dance so well?
  • James : At the side of Armero and Cuadrado easy to learn, there are many dancers :D